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We are attaining a molecular-level understanding of complex multi-phase systems and phenomena vital to the nation's energy and environmental resources.

Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson Co-Organizes Mesilla Chemistry Workshop

Congratulations to Dr. Grant Johnson at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on co-organizing the 2018 Mersilla Chemistry Workshop. The 3-day event brought together experts from five countries to share insights on connecting theory and experiment in catalysis research.

Kevin Rosso and Patricia Huestis talk about poster

Ambitious IDREAM Meeting Nets Insights and Ideas

Congratulations to the IDREAM team on their latest all-hands meeting. At this 3-day event, researchers and advisors discussed how the Energy Frontier Research Center is answering tough questions about complex radioactive environments. Throughout the gathering, scientists from two national labs and four universities presented their research and shared ideas.


For the Hyporheic Zone, a Novel Thermodynamic Mechanism

A new Nature Communications paper proposes a novel four-part thermodynamic mechanism they say underlies stimulated biogeochemical activity in the hyporheic zone.

Atomic force microscopy image of zinc oxide

Water Molecules Play Unexpected Role in Mineral Formation

Large minerals form from tiny particles continually attaching together. Particles snap to the surface, and a bit of torque is needed to align the particles. Scientists measured and calculated the forces that provide the torque for alignment. They found that water has a more significant role than previously thought.

Kevin Rosso

Kevin Rosso Joins National Academies' Committee

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Rosso at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on his appointment to a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's committee. The committee will develop the agenda for basic research in separations science.

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