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We are attaining a molecular-level understanding of complex multi-phase systems and phenomena vital to the nation's energy and environmental resources.

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Summer 2018 Issue of Transformations Now Available

Check out the latest opinions, insights, thought leaders, and capabilities in catalysis in the summer 2018 issue of Transformations.

Xin Zhang, portrait

Xin Zhang Named 2017 M. T. Thomas Award Recipient

Xin Zhang received EMSL's 2017 M. T. Thomas Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Achievement. He is a geochemistry postdoctoral research associate and a member of the Interfacial Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials Energy Frontier Research Center.

sequence defined peptoids

The power of the (intermolecular) force

In a new Communications Chemistry paper, researchers describe how they studied new particle formation and found that intermolecular forces stabilize clusters & promote aerosol production

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson's Early Career Success Featured in Frontiers in Energy Research

Congratulations to Dr. Samantha Johnson at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on being profiled in the latest issue of Frontiers in Energy Research. The newsletter features research done at the Department of Energy Office of Science's Energy Frontier Research Centers along with the researchers that make it possible.

Bob Weber, John Holladay, Ellen Panisko, and Lesley Snowden-Swan, portraits

Invited Article Reviews the Current State of Fuel Production from Waste Carbon

Capturing and converting standed carbon sources economically requires a new approach. Bob Weber at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory along with John Holladay, Ellen Panisko, and Lesley Snowden-Swan and a team from across the country reviewed the ways to increase the value of waste carbon.

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