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November 2021

Morris Bullock Co-Chairs Hydrogen Roundtable

Discussion helps identify opportunities in hydrogen research

Morris Bullock
Morris Bullock

Hydrogen is an extremely common molecule that can be used to store energy. It will become an increasingly important part of global energy systems that strive to be carbon neutral. Effectively using hydrogen requires additional innovations, with a focus on maintaining carbon neutrality.

Laboratory Fellow Morris Bullock, a chemist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, co-chaired a roundtable discussion on carbon-neutral hydrogen convened by the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences. Scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and national laboratories participated in the roundtable, "Foundational Science for Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Technologies."

The discussions centered on identifying four priority research opportunities to meet the scientific and technological challenges associated with generating, storing, and using carbon-neutral hydrogen. The participants summarized their findings in a short brochure and a forthcoming full report.

The documents link the priority research opportunities to key technical questions that, if answered, could dramatically impact how humanity produces and uses hydrogen in a carbon-neutral future.

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