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Atmospheric Measurements Laboratory

Dr. John Shilling PNNL researcher Dr. John Shilling standing in the state-of-the-art Environmental Chamber used to study the aerosol lifecycle, located in the Atmospheric Measurements Laboratory. The purple glow is generated by UV lights, simulating the sun. Data derived from experiments using the chamber are used for model validation and directly incorporated into climate models developed by PNNL. Enlarged View
CVI PNNL Researcher Dr. Gourihar Kulkarni working in the laboratory to provide understanding about the formation and lifecycle of cloud ice particles. Recreating ice cloud formation in the laboratory's ice chamber will give scientists insight into complex processes difficult to observe in the atmosphere. Enlarged View

The Atmospheric Measurements Laboratory (AML) is one of the nation's leading research facilities for understanding aerosols, clouds, and their interactions. This facility, located in Richland, Washington, offers these distinctive advantages:

  • Scientists at PNNL, other national laboratories and universities can use the facility and instruments for studies involving climate, aerosol chemistry, and dispersion and diffusion. Users can collaborate with PNNL researchers, nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields, and known for integrating measurements, modeling and laboratory research to generate new insights.
  • The AML is furnished with multiple aerosol chamber research facilities and staging areas for ancillary and aircraft instrumentation and radiometric tools. Instruments ranging from radar profilers, radiometers, and gas and aerosol systems can be calibrated and tested prior to field deployment.
  • The AML enables measurements on episodic and long-term monitoring, mission-oriented experiments and field campaigns. The facility provides office space adjacent to laboratories, as well as hands-on research opportunities for researchers and students.

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