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Excellence in Science & Technology

Reinventing Chemical Catalysts
and Catalytic Processes

2025 Vision: Once considered a waste product, carbon now is the foundation of a
vibrant new U.S. energy industry. Strides in catalysis research allow U.S. firms to create
high-quality fuels and advanced materials from abundant, domestic carbon feedstocks.

Goals                                             PNNL’s Energy Sciences Capability, opening
                                                      in 2020, will consolidate the Laboratory's
•	 Integrate and focus PNNL’s world-leading
   capabilities in catalysis science for precise   world-class catalysis research and establish
   design and synthesis of hierarchical cata-                   a global center for research col-
   lysts at atomic and molecular levels                                 laboration in chemical and
                                                                                   materials sciences.
•	 Develop bioinspired catalysts with faster
   reaction rates at lower temperatures
   and pressures to produce a cleaner,
   more resilient, more efficient, and cost-
   effective energy infrastructure

•	 Create analytical methods for real-
   time monitoring of catalytic processes

•	 Craft theories describing complex
   reactions at interfaces and facilitating
   integration of chemistry and data science

Research Partners                                 “DOE’s investments at PNNL in the Institute
                                                  for Integrated Catalysis and the Center for
                                                  Molecular Electrocatalysis have helped us to  Lou Terminello
                                                  achieve global leadership in the field. With      Steward
                                                  DOE’s support and our network of partners
                                                  across Washington State, the United States,    Karl Mueller
                                                  and the world, PNNL is leading in the          Science Lead
                                                  discovery of new chemical pathways for the
                                                  sustainable production and use of energy.”

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