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“All national labs have a special role to play by providing
                      world-class science & technology to help the nation address
                      its biggest problems. One attribute that sets PNNL apart is
                      its ongoing attention to the Four Pillars. The effect that our
                      actions and investments have on these factors is central to our
                      strategic decision making.”

      Malin Young
 Deputy Director for
Science & Technology

Four Pillars of Science & Technology Success

PNNL cultivates distinction in four areas that are critical to the Laboratory’s successful
execution of its mission.

                    Science &                                              Core
                    Technology                                             Capabilities
                                                      DOE recognizes 19 core capabilities at PNNL, span-
PNNL is the nation’s premier chemistry, environ-      ning the chemical & materials sciences, mathematical
mental science, and data analytics Laboratory.        & computational sciences, engineering, and earth &
                                                      biological sciences.

                    Partnerships                                           Culture of
PNNL’s strategic partnerships include joint research
institutes and joint appointments with U.S. uni-      PNNL nurtures a culture of curiosity, innovation,
versities, and long-term research collaborations      and research excellence through programs and
with laboratories, academic institutions, and the     investments offering staff career growth oppor-
private sector.                                       tunities that develop thought leadership.

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