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A Message from Steve and Roger

                                                 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory distinguishes itself in
                                                 many ways, notably our commitment to deliver outstanding
                                                 science & technology to our sponsors that makes a differ-
                                                 ence to the nation. We are guided by a sound strategy with
                                                 a focus on advancing scientific discovery, improving energy
                                                 resiliency, and enhancing national security. Underpinning
                                                 our ability to deliver important outcomes in these areas are
                                                 nationally recognized capabilities, including chemistry, earth
                                                 sciences, and data analytics.

                                                 The challenges we tackle are complex and require close
                                                 collaboration with academia, industry, and other key stake-
                                                 holders. We will expand and strengthen these partnerships,
                                                 with an emphasis on regional engagements in areas where
                                                 the Northwest is uniquely suited to lead the nation. We will
                                                 also build on our ties with industry to speed innovation.

                                                 Investments to grow our capabilities and modernize our cam-
                                                 pus are critical to meet the evolving priorities of our sponsors
and nation for decades to come. This year, we completed construction of the General Purpose
Chemistry Laboratory and nearby Engineering and Analysis Building, and we broke ground on
the long-anticipated collaboration center, Discovery Hall, to be completed in the spring of 2018.
These facilities are part of our plan for a mission-ready campus that is modern, collaborative,
flexible, and sustainable.

While we pride ourselves on excellence in science & technology, PNNL embraces Battelle’s
philosophy of simultaneous excellence, which also encompasses excellence in management
and operations and in community service. Our ability to execute our programs safely, securely,
and in an environmentally responsible manner is vital to achieving our mission. We are equally
committed to serving as a good neighbor through Team Battelle projects, Battelle’s philanthropic
giving, and volunteer efforts that help make our community a better place to live.

At the heart of PNNL is you—our talented scientists, engineers, and support professionals. We
thank you for the vital contributions you make to the Laboratory, our sponsors, the community,
and the nation. It is through your hard work and exemplary dedication that PNNL is widely recog-
nized for exceptional science & technology, strong operational performance, and a long history
of serving as a good neighbor.

We are pleased to offer the 2018 Laboratory Agenda and invite you to read on to learn more
about PNNL’s strategy and the priorities we will focus on in the coming year and well beyond.

Steven Ashby, Director                 Roger Snyder, Manager
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  DOE Pacific Northwest Site Office
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