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Excellence in Science & Technology

Mastering Phenomena Associated
with Radioactive and Irradiated Materials

2025 Vision: A decade of rapid advances in understanding the behavior of radioactive
materials has hastened the processing and safe storage of U.S. radioactive waste stock-
piles, and deterred would-be proliferators by developing predictive identifiers of
nuclear processing.

Goals                                      PNNL’s Radiochemical Processing Laboratory is a vital
                                           resource for addressing Hanford tank waste, subsurface
•	 Direct and control chemical reactivity  contamination, and other environmental challenges. A
   in radioactive materials and radiation  Hazard Category II Non-Reactor Nuclear Facility, RPL's
   environments                            capabilities are used to develop, test, and implement
                                           processes for environmental cleanup and other needs.
•	 Harness radiation-induced interfacial
   processes to create smart, sustain-
   able new technologies

•	 Understand microstructural evolution
   in response to irradiation and radio-
   active environments

Research Partners

                                           “With support from DOE’s Office of Science, Office of     Tony Peurrung
                                           Environmental Management, and the National Nuclear            Steward
                                           Security Administration, PNNL is moving the field from       Sue Clark
                                           empirically driven approaches to scientifically driven
                                           development, dramatically expanding the range of           Science Lead
                                           solutions we can deploy to address the nation’s environ-
                                           mental stewardship and non-proliferation challenges.
                                           With research centers like the Interfacial Dynamics in
                                           Radiation Environments and Materials, PNNL is
                                           in a strong position to lead this transition. In fact,
                                           if we do not, no one else will.”

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