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Excellence in Science
& Technology

PNNL delivers excellence in science                 signature strengths. Laboratory Objectives
and technology in three areas:                      focus on problems that are complex, urgent,
                                                    and important to society—problems uniquely
Scientific Discovery – PNNL is the nation’s         suited to the mission and resources of a
leading laboratory for research in chemistry,       national laboratory.
Earth sciences, and data analytics.
                                                      As the following pages show, each
Energy Resiliency – PNNL’s research focuses           of PNNL’s Laboratory Objectives
on the fundamental science and on technology          embodies a vision of the world
development for the modernization of the U.S.         in 2025, addressing one central
electric power grid, and for advanced energy          question: How would our success
storage solutions.                                    change the world for the better?
                                                      Each Laboratory Objective applies
National Security – PNNL is a leading source          PNNL’s established and emerging
of innovation for the detection of illicit nuclear    science & technology leadership to
materials and nuclear non-proliferation, and          transform the nation and the world
for the development of cybersecurity technolo-        in the next decade.
gies to protect critical U.S. infrastructure.

PNNL applies its strengths to address many
of the largest scientific questions and tech-
nological challenges facing the nation and the
world today. As a DOE national Laboratory,
PNNL focuses on multidisciplinary and high-
consequence “grand challenge” problems.

Mastering grand challenges requires deep
expertise and leadership, world-class capa-
bilities including state-of-the-art equipment
and facilities, strong partnerships with other
leading research institutions, and a culture of
innovation. PNNL cultivates these Four Pillars
of Science & Technology Success as the foun-
dation for research excellence in each of its
mission areas.

At the heart of PNNL’s science & technology
strategy are six Laboratory Objectives, long-
term research commitments that build on the
Four Pillars and draw together the Laboratory’s

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