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Excellence in Science & Technology

Realizing a Secure, Flexible, and
Resilient Electric Power System

2025 Vision: Innovations at PNNL have led the way to a renaissance of America’s elec-
tric power system. The U.S. grid is now on the global leading edge, with technologies
enabling the smooth integration of renewable energy sources, large-scale energy
storage, and analytics for real-time, agile power management and secure data use.

Goals                                          PNNL’s Electricity Infrastructure Operations
                                               Center (EIOC) features two full-function grid
•	 Develop exascale computing approaches       control rooms. Here, researchers design, test,
   to grid optimization                        and evaluate tools and concepts in a setting
                                               that mirrors current industry conditions. The
•	 Advance novel data analytic and computa-    EIOC is also a state-of-the-art training center
   tional approaches to drive threat-informed  for grid operations professionals.
   cybersecurity technology innovations

•	 Integrate innovations in materials science
   to realize safe, low-cost energy storage

Research Partners

Jud Virden   Carl Imhoff  “In collaboration with our long-term sponsors in DOE’s Office of
  Steward   Science Lead  Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability and Buildings Technology
                          Office, PNNL aims to transform the 21st century grid by delivering
                          key science & technology outcomes in three critical areas—grid
                          flexibility and resiliency, cybersecurity, and energy storage. The
                          PNNL campus will serve as a best-in-class testbed for coordinating
                          building energy, while adding distributed energy resources that
                          communicate with utilities and demonstrate energy savings, grid
                          flexibility, and resiliency benefits.”

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