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Excellence in Science & Technology

Understanding Multiscale Earth
System Processes and Dynamics

2025 Vision: The Laboratory's advanced simulation tools now equip decision-makers to
foresee and prepare for major environmental changes, and to avoid their worst impacts.
PNNL researchers have achieved an integrated modeling framework capturing complex
Earth systems as an integrated continuum, from molecular to global scales.

Goals                                               PNNL’s Marine Sciences Laboratory,
                                                    located in Sequim, WA is a critical
•	 Develop a holistic, integrated research frame-   asset in research on the role of
   work to measure, test, and model ecosystem       terrestrial-aquatic ecosystems in
   processes across the atmosphere-land-water       Earth system dynamics.
   continuum, with particular emphasis on
   terrestrial-aquatic interfaces                   “As an established global leader in Earth system
                                                    science, PNNL is now leading the community
•	 Establish The System for Terrestrial-Aquatic     into the new frontier of terrestrial-aquatic
   Research, a distributed observation and          ecosystems. Through our internal investments
   analytics network with integrated computa-       in initiatives like Predicting Ecosystem Resil-
   tional tools, enabling validation of predictive  ience through Multiscale Integrative Science
   Earth system models in real time                 and with those of key sponsors in DOE’s Office
                                                    of Biological and Environmental Research,
•	 Build a Coastal Observation & Research           PNNL is pursuing an ambitious research
   Partnership in collaboration with key            program to unravel key mysteries of the Earth
   research institutions, creating a testbed        system, and include our research findings in
   for technologies and data systems for            highly sophisticated models leveraging the full
   measuring stresses and responses on              potential of high-performance computers.”
   terrestrial-aquatic ecosystems

Research Partners

                                                                                                      Allison Campbell

                                                                                                      Charlette Geffen
                                                                                                         Science Lead

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