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PCSD Job Openings

Are you interested working in an interdisciplinary environment where your discoveries have the potential to transform the way issues in energy, environment, national and homeland security, and human health are addressed?

We currently have the following positions open:

Job Title Closing
305665 Scientist, Experimental Heterogeneous Catalysis & Electrocatalysis 10/1/2016
305807 Post Masters RA - Theory and Computation 10/1/2016
305815 Tech Student - Theory and Computation 10/3/2016
305825 Scientist, High Performance Computing 10/5/2016
305791 Assistant Translator/Developer (Research Scientist, Data Sciences) 10/5/2016
305822 Staff Scientist: Theory & Simulations of Complex Interfaces 10/8/2016
305771 Post Doctorate RA - Applied Computational Mathematics & Engineering 10/14/2016
305761 Post Doctorate RA - Energy Frontiers Research Center (EFRC) 10/31/2016

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