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     Core Capabilities

             PNNL has 19 core capabilities, each a powerful combination of people,
             equipment, and facilities. These capabilities represent a collective set
             of skills and a body of world-leading scientific and engineering work
             that provides exceptional value and mission delivery to our sponsors
             and stakeholders.

             “Look deep into nature, and then you will
             understand everything better.”

                                                   —Albert Einstein

4 | 2017 PNNL Laboratory Agenda  Super Sticky Copper – PNNL scientists have developed an
                                 electroplating process to coat a titanium alloy with copper,
                                 overcoming the challenge of getting copper to stick to the
                                 surface. The copper-coated superconducting titanium alloy
                                 will be used in the cabling of detectors being built to helpin
                                 the search for dark matter. In this microscope image of an
                                 early research sample, the copper did not adhere completely
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