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Excellence in Science and Technology

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Scientific Vision

PNNL’s scientific vision is to understand, predict, and control the behavior of complex adaptive systems,
with an emphasis on specific earth, energy, and security systems that are central to the United States (U.S.)
DOE’s strategic objectives.
In order to realize this vision, as well as our aspiration to be more widely recognized as a world-class scientific
research institution, we have a S&T strategy centered on accomplishing the following four key outcomes:

   •	 Unifying scientific themes that lead to PNNL being recognized as a thought leader in
       nationally relevant scientific areas; these are our Laboratory Objectives.

   •	 A world-class technical foundation consisting of multidisciplinary science and engineering
       expertise, equipment/instrumentation, and facilities.

   •	 An environment that promotes creativity, develops technical leaders, and encourages staff
       members to be bold in their research.

   •	 Institutional collaborations that further PNNL’s S&T strategy and enable our staff members
       to perform high-impact research.

Contact: Deputy Director for Science and Technology – Malin Young (

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