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Terrestrial-Aquatic                                         Chemical Conversions
    Ecosystems                                              for C Neutral Energy

Understand and optimize                                     Reinvent chemical conversion
terrestrial-aquatic ecosys-                                 processes to have minimal or
tems to mitigate impacts of                                 no environmental impact
extreme weather and climate                                  POC: Karl Mueller
POC: Charlette Geffen                              
                                                              Efficient and Secure
  Radiation Dynamics                                        Electricity Management

Understand and control change                               Define the inherently clean,
in radioactive systems or those                             resilient, and affordable grid
undergoing irradiation                                      of the 21st Century
POC: Sue Clark                                              POC: Carl Imhoff                                

Contact: Deputy Director for Science and Technology –
Malin Young (

helping fine-tune new glass corrosion models to ensure
vitrified nuclear waste is confined in the glass for safe,
long-term storage and disposal. This research is funded by
a joint DOE Office of Environmental Management and Office
of Nuclear Energy project and by Washington River Protec-
tion Solutions.

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