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Strategic Partnerships

We partner with both academic and industrial institutions to increase
the impact of our research and contribute to solving the nation’s most
complex scientific research challenges. This includes building strategic
academic alliances with key U.S. research universities, strengthening
PNNL’s presence in—and raising visibility of—the Northwest region, and
working with DOE and industry to move PNNL technology to market.

Our academic partnerships increase collaborative research opportunities,
facilitate transdisciplinary research, and provide our university partners
access to specialized instrumentation and other research tools. We have
joint appointments with 16 universities across the United States with nearly
50 joint appointees. Flagships of PNNL's strategic academic partnerships
are the PNNL-University of Maryland Joint Global Change Research Insti-
tute, the PNNL-University of Washington Northwest Institute for Advanced
Computing, the PNNL-Oregon Health and Science University Northwest
Co-Laboratory for Integrated ‘Omics, and the PNNL-Washington State
University Distinguished Graduate Research Program. We expect to
expand the number of joint research institutes and the number of stu-
dents performing their doctoral thesis research at PNNL in 2017.

Later in this Agenda, in the Excellence in Community Service section, you
read about our partnerships in science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM) education and technology transfer, as well as how
we are using these partnerships to strengthen PNNL’s presence in
the Northwest and move PNNL technology to market to increase the
impact of our research.

Contact: Director, Strategic Partnerships – Doug Ray (

economical or practical. For example, in this cross-section
of a pumpkin stem, scientists could quickly identify damaged
cell walls, characterize the cause of damage, and then apply
more time-consuming instrumentation to study select areas.
Research Team: Micah Miller (PNNL).

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