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Message from Steve and Roger

                                                               Fiscal year (FY) 2017 promises to be exciting and eventful. We
                                                               will build on the many successes of 2016, including strong
                                                               programmatic growth, investment in our campus and people,
                                                               and progress toward our vision of elevating Pacific Northwest
                                                               National Laboratory's (PNNL's) stature as a world-class scientific
                                                               research institution. We also managed operations with distinction,
                                                               including improved safety and reduced costs. This strong record
                                                               of performance not only sets the stage for 2017, but also led the
                                                               Department of Energy (DOE) to extend Battelle’s contract to
                                                               operate the Laboratory through 2022.

                                                               As we move forward, our Laboratory strategy will guide our
                                                               internal investments and external engagements, and the pursuit
                                                               of it will further our mission of transforming the world through
                                                               courageous discovery and innovation.

                                                               Our strategy is founded on Battelle’s principle of Simultaneous
                                                               Excellence. Excellence in Science and Technology (S&T) begins
                                                               with our scientific vision—to understand, predict, and control
the behavior of complex adaptive systems. Underpinning this vision are several key, strategic elements, including
our Laboratory and Directorate Objectives. We invest in these through a portfolio of initiatives selected to grow
distinguishing technical capabilities for greatest impact, now and into the future.

Excellence in S&T is complemented by our commitment to Excellence in Management and Operations (M&O),
which is vital to achieving our mission. We have an obligation to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to
us, as well as to execute our programs safely, securely, and in an environmentally responsible way.

We are also committed to Excellence in Community Service. This means that we are good neighbors and get
involved in ways that make our community better. We do this through our individual efforts, Team Battelle projects,
and Battelle’s corporate philanthropy.

Looking to the year ahead, we will continue our focus on creating a culture of creativity and innovation, strength-
ening partnerships with our sponsors and the scientific community, and increasing the visibility of the Laboratory
and our contributions both regionally and nationally. The coming year will also see continued investment in our
campus, including construction of the new S&T Collaboration Center.

None of this can happen without you—our dedicated staff of scientists, engineers, and support professionals.
Through your efforts, we will make great scientific discoveries, deliver innovative technologies, and consistently
exceed our sponsors’ expectations. We thank you for your exemplary commitment to the Laboratory, our
sponsors, and the nation. Together, we are ensuring that PNNL will have a bright future for decades to come.

We now invite you to read on and take pride in the many ways you are bringing our strategy to life.

Steven Ashby, Director                 Roger Snyder, Manager
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  DOE Pacific Northwest Site Office
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