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     Culture of Creativity
     and Innovation

             We are nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation by launching a variety
             of efforts focused on exposing our staff members to new ideas and support-
             ing their efforts to take on bolder research with the potential for high impact.

             QuickStarter, a new program in which staff members are able to crowd-
             fund new and innovative ideas developed by their colleagues across the
             Laboratory, was a great success in engagement and innovation. We also
             launched several other concepts including a new seminar series titled “Food
             for Thought” where new ideas are explored and staff members are invited
             to participate in discussions. SciChats, web-based discussions, were initi-
             ated creating a venue where staff members can interact with the Deputy
             Director for Science and Technology on a variety of S&T topics. And lastly,
             we launched the Discovery Speaker Series where members of the Labora-
             tory Leadership Team talk to staff about the strategic activities they are
             leading for PNNL.

             Contact: Deputy Director for Science and Technology – Malin Young

       “The best scientist is open to experience and begins with
       romance—the idea that anything is possible.”

                                                               —Ray Bradbury

8 | 2017 PNNL Laboratory Agenda  A Search Engine for Scientific Research – PNNL researchers
                                 have developed automated software that can analyze these
                                 vast amounts of microscopic imagery in a matter of minutes.
                                 Their approach also can identify specific areas of interest for
                                 further analysis—using microscopy as a search engine of
                                 sorts and opening new horizons for studies previously not
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