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     Science and Technology
     Laboratory Objectives

             The S&T Laboratory Objectives are distinct scientific focus areas where
             PNNL can be a thought leader and have significant impact on both science
             and society. They distinguish us, represent our greatest potential for scien-
             tific and technical leadership, and inspire sustained stewardship investment
             from our sponsors and stakeholders.

             In the coming year, we are "retiring" two Laboratory Objectives, Chemical
             Imaging and Disrupt Illicit Nuclear Trafficking, that have achieved their
             primary outcomes. The remaining two Objectives have new outcomes, and
             we have created two new Laboratory Objectives, Radiation Dynamics and
             Terrestrial Aquatic Ecosytems, which are explained on the following page.

             We also have a set of S&T Directorate Objectives focused on developing
             thought leadership and building capabilities in critical mission areas. These
             activities are stewarded by the research directorates.

          “Every great advance in science has issued from a
          new audacity of imagination.”

                                                              —John Dewey

2 | 2017 PNNL Laboratory Agenda  As Smooth as Glass – In this false-color topographic map of
                                 the surface of a piece of polished glass, the most corroded
                                 areas (dark blue) are contrasted with the areas most pro-
                                 tected (red). PNNL researchers are exposing glass samples
                                 to different chemical solutions and studying these topo-
                                 graphic images to better understand and predict how glass
                                 would corrode in various conditions for thousands of years—
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