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May 2015

A Congress of Computational Materials Engineering

PNNL staff make key contributions to ICME 2015 World Congress

During this year’s 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, or ICME 2015, scientists from PNNL’s Applied Computational Mathematics and Engineering (ACME) group, part of ACMD Division Computational Mathematics, will be active contributors featured during several of the event’s technical program and poster sessions. ACME’s Team Lead and PNNL Laboratory Fellow, Xin Sun, is a congress organizer for ICME 2015.

(L to R): ACME Team Lead Xin Sun with Kyoo Sil Choi, Xiaohua Hu, Wei Xu, and Kevin Lai (not pictured: Dangxin Wu) will have their diverse work modeling, simulating, and experimenting with materials engineering processes featured during ICME 2015.
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PNNL scientists Kyoo Sil Choi, Xiaohua Hu, and Sun, with contributors from the Colorado School of Mines, co-authored, “Development of Q&P Steels with Improved Performance based on Microstructure-based Finite Element Modeling Method,” which will be presented during the session on Applications. The work examines a microstructure-based finite element modeling method for investigating the macroscopic tensile behavior of Q&P (quenching-and-partitioning) steel. New heat-treating parameters were devised based on the modeling results, producing Q&P steels with improved performance. During another parallel session on Process and Performance Modeling, Wei Xu, Dangxin Wu (PNNL Geochemistry), and Sun will present, “Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Pulse Welding,” an examination of a high-speed material processing technique that employs electromagnetically driven high-velocity to achieve material joining with a model aimed at improving the technology. Both papers will be formally published as part of the congress proceedings.

In addition, Hu and Sun will participate in a poster session, showcasing their work with Ford Motor Company in “An Integrated Finite Element Framework for the Hole Piercing to Hole Expansion Process of AA6111-T4 Sheets.” The poster describes an integrated manufacturing process simulator that can be used to examine aluminum alloy sheets, a high-quality material used for automotive paneling. In the event’s second poster session, Kevin Lai, Xu, and Sun will present “Applying Inverse Algorithm for In-Situ Resonance Inspection.” The poster focuses on computationally enhanced resonance inspection used to detect manufacturing defects and how their novel algorithm can further improve the accuracy of flaw detections.

ICME has emerged as an important topic in materials engineering, and the ICME congress provides a forum for stakeholders from across academia, government, and industry to address the integration of tools and techniques and examine their applications to materials engineering. ICME 2015 is being held May 31-June 4, 2015 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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