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Kee Sung Han

Materials Sciences
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K8-98
Richland, WA 99352


Kee Sung Han received his B.S. in Physics from Andong National University, Andong, Korea in 1998 and Ph.D. in Physics from Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea in 2006. He did his postdoctoral studies at Korea Basic Science Institute and Oak Ridge National Laboratory specializing in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. He joined PNNL as a postdoctoral researcher in 2013 and converted to senior scientist in 2016. His current research is focused on understanding electrochemical materials and phenomena in batteries and fuel cells using in-situ and ex-situ NMR techniques including pulsed field gradient (PFG) NMR. He is also interested in NMR applications to materials sciences especially in understanding interfacial interactions, structures, and dynamics.

Research Interests

  • Ion-ion/ion-solvent interactions in the bulk and confined states (Pulsed Field Gradient NMR).
  • Structural and dynamical properties of bulk materials and guest molecules confined in porous materials.
  • Development of NMR capability for in-situ NMR spectroscopy for the electrochemical devices and other applications.

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. Solid State Physics, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea (2006).
  • M.Sc. Solid State Physics, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea (2000).
  • B.Sc. Physics, Andong National University, Andong, Korea (1998).

Awards and Recognitions

  • Best Invention Award, Korea Basic Science Institute (2008).
  • Young Scholar Award, Korea Magnetic Resonance Society (2007).
  • Best Employee Award, Korea Basic Science Institute (2007).
  • Young Scientists Travel Award, 1st Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium (2005).
  • Patents:
  • Method for Manufacturing Electrode for Fuel Cell, Manufacturing Device for the Same, and Fuel Cell Comprising Electrode Manufactured by the Same, In Kim, Oc Hee Han, D. Kim, Hasuck Kim, Kee Sung Han, Korea; registered on August 31, 2012 (10-11800390000)
  • Components of Fuel Cell for In-Situ NMR Analysis, Fuel Cell Using the Same and Method for Preparing the Component and Fuel Cell, Soo-Kil Kim, Heung Yong Ha, Oc Hee Han, Kee Sung Han, Han-IK Joh, Myoung Sup Um, Tae Huen Lim, Korea; registered on February 28, 2012 (1011238770000)
  • Probe Unit for In-Situ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Moohee Lee and Kee Sung Han, Korea; registered on June 1, 2010 (1009623310000)
  • Probe Unit for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Oc Hee Han and Kee Sung Han, Korea; registered on March 8, 2007 (10-0695225-0000). Japan; registered on October 17, 2008 (4203099). Germany; applied on March 1, 2007 (10 2007 011 598.0). The United States; registered on March 4, 2008 (US 7339378 B2). (Toroidal Probe Unit for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance),

PNNL Publications


  • Han KS, J Chen, R Cao, NN Rajput, V Murugesan, L Shi, H Pan, J Zhang, J Liu, KA Persson, and KT Mueller. 2017. "Effects of Anion Mobility on Electrochemical Behaviors of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries." Chemistry of Materials 29(21):9023-9029.  doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b02105
  • Adams BDG, EV Carino, JG Connell, KS Han, R Cao, J Chen, J Zheng, Q Li, KT Mueller, WA Henderson, and J Zhang. 2017. "Long term stability of Li-S batteries using high concentration lithium nitrate electrolytes." Nano Energy 40:607-617.  doi:10.1016/j.nanoen.2017.09.015
  • Feng Z, K Higa, KS Han, and V Srinivasan. 2017. "Evaluating Transport Properties and Ionic Dissociation of LiPF6 in Concentrated Electrolyte." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 164(12):A2434-A2440.  doi:10.1149/2.0941712jes
  • Murugesan V, KS Han, J Hu, and KT Mueller. 2017. "Molecular Level Structure and Dynamics of Electrolytes Using 17O Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy." eMagRes 6(1):71-82.  doi:10.1002/9780470034590.emrstm1529
  • Pan H, KS Han, M Vijayakumar, J Xiao, R Cao, J Chen, J Zhang, KT Mueller, Y Shao, and J Liu. 2017. "Ammonium additives to dissolve lithium sulfide through hydrogen binding for high energy lithium-sulfur batteries." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9(5):4290-4295.  doi:10.1021/acsami.6b04158
  • Pan H, B Li, D Mei, Z Nie, Y Shao, G Li, XS Li, KS Han, KT Muller, VL Sprenkle, and J Liu. 2017. "Controlling Solid-Liquid Conversion Reactions for Highly Reversible Aqueous Zinc-iodine Battery." ACS Energy Letters 2:2674-2680.  doi:10.1021/acsenergylett.7b00851
  • Pan H, J Chen, R Cao, V Murugesan, NN Rajput, KS Han, KA Persson, L Estevez, MH Engelhard, J Zhang, KT Mueller, Y Cui, Y Shao, and J Liu. 2017. "Non Encapsulation Approach for High Performance Li-S Batteries through Controlled Nucleation and Growth." Nature Energy 2:813-820.  doi:10.1038/s41560-017-0005-z
  • Qi L, R Alamillo, WA Elliott, A Andersen, DW Hoyt, ED Walter, KS Han, NM Washton, RM Rioux, JA Dumesic, and SL Scott. 2017. "Operando Solid-State NMR Observation of Solvent-Mediated Adsorption-Reaction of Carbohydrates in Zeolites." ACS Catalysis 7(5):3489-3500.  doi:10.1021/acscatal.7b01045
  • Rajput NN, V Murugesan, Y Shin, KS Han, KC Lau, J Chen, J Liu, LA Curtiss, KT Mueller, and KA Persson. 2017. "Elucidating the Solvation Structure and Dynamics of Lithium Polysulfides resulting from Competitive Salt and Solvent Interactions." Chemistry of Materials 29(8):3375-3379.  doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b00068


  • Han KS, NN Rajput, M Vijayakumar, X Wei, W Wang, JZ Hu, KA Persson, and KT Mueller. 2016. "Preferential Solvation of an Asymmetric Redox Molecule." Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120(49):27834-27839.  doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b09114
  • Cao R, J Chen, KS Han, W Xu, D Mei, P Bhattacharya, MH Engelhard, KT Mueller, J Liu, and J Zhang. 2016. "Effect of the Anion Activity on the Stability of Li Metal Anodes in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries." Advanced Functional Materials 26(18):3059-3066.  doi:10.1002/adfm.201505074
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  • Cheng Y, D Choi, KS Han, KT Mueller, J Zhang, VL Sprenkle, J Liu, and G Li. 2016. "Toward the Design of High Voltage Magnesium-Lithium Hybrid Batteries Using Dual-Salt Electrolytes." Chemical Communications 52(31):5379-5382.  doi:10.1039/C6CC00986G
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  • Cheng Y, RM Stolley, KS Han, Y Shao, BW Arey, NM Washton, KT Mueller, ML Helm, VL Sprenkle, J Liu, and G Li. 2015. "Highly Active Electrolytes for Rechargeable Mg Batteries Based on [Mg2(µ-Cl)2]2+ Cation Complex in Dimethoxyethane." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP 17(20):13307-13314.  doi:10.1039/C5CP00859J
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  • Han KS, NN Rajput, X Wei, W Wang, JZ Hu, KA Persson, and KT Mueller. 2014. "Diffusional Motion of Redox Centers in Carbonate Electrolytes ." Journal of Chemical Physics 141(10):104509.  doi:10.1063/1.4894481
  • Shao Y, NN Rajput, JZ Hu, MY Hu, TL Liu, Z Wei, M Gu, X Deng, S Xu, KS Han, J Wang, Z Nie, G Li, K Zavadil, J Xiao, CM Wang, WA Henderson, J Zhang, Y Wang, KT Mueller, KA Persson, and J Liu. 2014. "Nanocomposite polymer electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium batteries." Nano Energy 2015(12):750-759.  doi:10.1016/j.nanoen.2014.12.028

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