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Cornelia Brim

Scientific & Technical Comm
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K8-52
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Brim CP. 2017. "Innovation: Training Kits with Simple Props Help Teach Safeguards Principles Outside Nuclear Facilities." DNN Sentinel 2(3):6-7. 


  • Brim CP. 2016. "Training in Tbilisi nuclear facility provides new sampling perspectives for IAEA inspectors." DNN Sentinel 2(2):12-13. 


  • Brim CP, and MV Disney. 2015. "DNN Expert Profile: Meet the NGFP Class of 2015." DNN Sentinel I(3):10-11. 
  • Brim CP, and MV Disney. 2015. "NNSA Program Develops the Next Generation of Nuclear Security Experts." DNN Sentinel 1(2):10-11. 
  • Brim CP. 2015. "NGFP Aluma Personifies Success of Program for Fellows and Their Future Employers." DNN Sentinel 1(2):11. 


  • Brim CP, and LT Minnema. 2014. "Elementary! A Nuclear Forensics Workshop Teaches Vital Skills to International Practitioners." NIS Highlights (Spring 2014):1, 4-5. 
  • Brim CP. 2014. "Former Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow Served at U.S. Mission." NIS Highlights (Fall 2014):1, 3-4. 


  • Brim CP, and LS Denlinger. 2013. "Believing Your Eyes: Strengthening the Reliability of Tags and Seals." NIS Highlights (Summer 2013):5. 
  • Brim CP. 2013. "New Prototype Safeguards Technology Offers Improved Confidence and Automation for Uranium Enrichment Facilities." NIS Highlights (Spring 2013):4-5. 

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