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Staff information

Koichi Sakaguchi

Earth Systems Analysis & Modeling
Earth Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K9-24
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Lu J., K. Sakaguchi, Q. Yang, L. Leung, G. Chen, C. Zhao, and E. Swenson, et al. 2017. "Examining the Hydrological Variations in an Aquaplanet World using Wave Activity Transformation." Journal of Climate 30, no. 7:2559-2576. PNNL-SA-123595. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0561.1
  • Yang Q., L. Leung, J. Lu, Y. Lin, S.M. Hagos, K. Sakaguchi, and Y. Gao. 2017. "Exploring the effects of a nonhydrostatic dynamical core in high-resolution aquaplanet simulations." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 122, no. 6:3245-3265. PNNL-SA-124394. doi:10.1002/2016JD025287


  • Sakaguchi K., J. Lu, L. Leung, C. Zhao, Y. Li, and S.M. Hagos. 2016. "Sources and Pathways of the Upscale Effects on the Southern Hemisphere Jet in MPAS-CAM4 Variable-Resolution Simulations." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 8, no. 4:1786-1805. PNNL-SA-120998. doi:10.1002/2016MS000743
  • Sakaguchi K., X. Zeng, L.R. Leung, and P. Shao. 2016. "Influence of dynamic vegetation on carbon-nitrogen cycle feedback in the Community Land Model (CLM4)." Environmental Research Letters 11, no. 12:124029. PNNL-SA-115218. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/aa51d9
  • Zhang K., C. Zhao, H. Wan, Y. Qian, R.C. Easter, S.J. Ghan, and K. Sakaguchi, et al. 2016. "Quantifying the impact of sub-grid surface wind variability on sea salt and dust emissions in CAM5." Geoscientific Model Development 9, no. 2:607-632. PNNL-SA-111502. doi:10.5194/gmd-9-607-2016
  • Zhao C., L.R. Leung, S. Park, S.M. Hagos, J. Lu, K. Sakaguchi, and J. Yoon, et al. 2016. "Exploring the impacts of physics and resolution on aqua-planet simulations from a non-hydrostatic global variable-resolution modeling framework." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 8, no. 4:1751-1768. PNNL-SA-118452. doi:10.1002/2016MS000727


  • Lu J., G. Chen, L.R. Leung, D.A. Burrows, Q. Yang, K. Sakaguchi, and S.M. Hagos. 2015. "Toward the Dynamical Convergence on the Jet Stream in Aquaplanet AGCMs." Journal of Climate 28, no. 17:6763-6782. PNNL-SA-111542. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00761.1
  • Sakaguchi K., L.R. Leung, C. Zhao, Q. Yang, J. Lu, S.M. Hagos, and S. Rauscher, et al. 2015. "Exploring a Multi-resolution Approach Using AMIP Simulations." Journal of Climate 28, no. 14:5549-5574. PNNL-SA-106250. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00729.1

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