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William Nelson

Microbiome Science
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: J4-18
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Bowers RM, N Kyrpides, R Stepanauskas, M Harmon-Smith, D Doud, TBK Reddy, F Schulz, J Jarett, AR Rivers, E Eloe-Fadrosh, SG Tringe, N Ivanova, A Copeland, A Clum, E Becraft, R Malmstrom, BW Birren, M Podar, P Bork, G Weinstock, G Garrity, JA Dodsworth, Y Shibu, G Sutton, F Glockner, JA Gilbert, WC Nelson, SJ Hallam, S Jungbluth, T Ettema, S Tighe, KT Konstantinidis, WT Liu, BJ Baker, T Rattei, JA Eisen, BP Hedlund, KD Mcmahon, N Fierer, R Knight, R Finn, G Cochrane, I Karsch-Mizrachi, GW Tyson, C Rinke, A Lapidus, F Meyer, P Yilmaz, D Parks, AM Eren, L Schriml, JF Banfield, P Hugenholtz, and T Woyke. 2017. "Minimum information about a single amplified genome (MISAG) and a metagenome-assembled genome (MIMAG) of bacteria and archaea." Nature Biotechnology 35:725-731.  doi:10.1038/nbt.3893
  • Hou Z, WC Nelson, JC Stegen, CJ Murray, EV Arntzen, AR Crump, DW Kennedy, MC Perkins, TD Scheibe, JK Fredrickson, and JM Zachara. 2017. "Geochemical and Microbial Community Attributes in Relation to Hyporheic Zone Geological Facies." Scientific Reports 7:Article No. 12006.  doi:10.1038/s41598-017-12275-w
  • Li M, Y Gao, W Qian, L Shi, Y Liu, WC Nelson, CD Nicora, CT Resch, CJ Thompson, S Yan, JK Fredrickson, JM Zachara, and C Liu. 2017. "Targeted quantification of functional enzyme dynamics in environmental samples for microbially mediated biogeochemical processes." Environmental Microbiology Reports 9(5):512-521.  doi:10.1111/1758-2229.12558
  • Lindemann SR, JM Mobberley, JK Cole, LM Markillie, RC Taylor, EL Huang, WB Chrisler, HS Wiley, MS Lipton, WC Nelson, JK Fredrickson, and MF Romine. 2017. "Predicting Species-Resolved Macronutrient Acquisition during Succession in a Model Phototrophic Biofilm Using an Integrated ‘Omics Approach." Frontiers in Microbiology 8:Article No. 1020.  doi:10.3389/fmicb.2017.01020
  • Liu Y, C Liu, WC Nelson, L Shi, F Xu, Y Liu, A Yan, L Zhong, CJ Thompson, JK Fredrickson, and JM Zachara. 2017. "Effect of Water Chemistry and Hydrodynamics on Nitrogen Transformation and Microbial Community Functional Potential in Hyporheic Zone Sediment Columns." Environmental Science & Technology 51(9):4877-4886.  doi:10.1021/acs.est.6b05018
  • Mobberley JM, SR Lindemann, HC Bernstein, JJ Moran, RS Renslow, JT Babauta, D Hu, H Beyenal, and WC Nelson. 2017. "Organismal and spatial partitioning of energy and macronutrient transformations within a hypersaline mat." FEMS Microbiology Ecology 93(4):Article No. fix028.  doi:10.1093/femsec/fix028


  • Nelson WC, Y Maezato, YW Wu, MF Romine, and SR Lindemann. 2016. "Identification and resolution of microdiversity through metagenomic sequencing of parallel consortia." Applied and Environmental Microbiology 82(1):255-267.  doi:10.1128/AEM.02274-15
  • Stegen JC, JK Fredrickson, MJ Wilkins, A Konopka, WC Nelson, EV Arntzen, WB Chrisler, RK Chu, RE Danczak, SJ Fansler, DW Kennedy, CT Resch, and MM Tfaily. 2016. "Groundwater-Surface Water Mixing Shifts Ecological Assembly Processes and Stimulates Organic Carbon Turnover." Nature Communications 7:11237.  doi:10.1038/ncomms11237


  • Nelson WC, and JC Stegen. 2015. "The reduced genomes of Parcubacteria (OD1) contain signatures of a symbiotic lifestyle." Frontiers in Microbiology 6:Article No. 713.  doi:10.3389/fmicb.2015.00713
  • Walworth NG, U Pfreundt, WC Nelson, T Mincer, JF Heidelberg, F Fu, JB Waterbury, T Glavina del Rio, LA Goodwin, N Kyrpides, ML Land, T Woyke, DA Hutchins, WR Hess, and EA Webb. 2015. "Trichodesmium genome maintains abundant, widespread noncoding DNA in situ, despite oligotrophic lifestyle." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(4):4251-4256.  doi:10.1073/pnas.1422332112


  • Stolyar S, Z Liu, V Thiel, LP Tomsho, N Pinel, WC Nelson, SR Lindemann, MF Romine, S Haruta, SC Schuster, DA Bryant, and JK Fredrickson. 2014. "Genome Sequence of the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus sp. Strain NK55a." Genome Announcements 2(1):Article No. e01060-13.  doi:10.1128/genomeA.01060-13

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