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Staff information


Jennifer M. Comstock

Computational & Data Eng Group
Earth Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K7-90
Richland, WA 99352


Dr. Jennifer Comstock's research interests are understanding the physical processes that influence cloud lifecycle using remote sensing and modeling techniques, with a focus on ice and mixed phase clouds. She joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2000 and has served in several roles, including Science Translator for the Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program, and Deputy Director of the ARM Aerial Facility. Jennifer currently serves as the Engineering and Science Products Manager for the DOE ARM Program, which involves coordinating development activities and setting priorities for the program.

Dr. Comstock has participated in 12 major field campaigns covering a wide range of topics related to cirrus cloud lifecycle, orographic mixed-phase and convective clouds, shallow cumulus clouds, deep convective clouds, and aerosol radiative effects from anthropogenic sources, as well as wildfires and agricultural burns. She is also active in the community and has served on the Committee for Laser Atmospheric Studies for the American Meteorological Society (AMS), organized various symposia and conference sessions for AMS and the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and currently serves on the AGU Fall Meeting Organizing Committee for the Atmospheric Sciences Section. She also engages in various outreach activities in the Mid-Columbia region of Washington to promote science careers and young women in science, and has mentored several Post-Doctoral scientists at PNNL, and undergraduate and graduate students through the PNNL Work-Based Learning Program.

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing
  • Ice and mixed phase cloud processes
  • Cloud radiative forcing

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. Meteorology, University of Utah
  • B.A. Physics, University of Colorado

Affiliations and Professional Service

Awards and Recognitions

  • Recipient of the Peter B. Wagner Memorial Award for Women in Atmospheric Sciences, 1998
  • AMS Committee for Laser Atmospheric Studies
  • Steering Committee for the Cloud Lifecycle Working Group (DOE ASR Program)
  • Co-chair Vertical Velocity Focus Group (DOE ASR Program)
  • AGU Fall Meeting Organizing Committee - Atmospheric Sciences Section
  • Distinguished Alumni Award - University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences

PNNL Publications


  • Glienke S., N. Allwayin, F. Mei, J.M. Comstock, R.A. Shaw, J.M. Tomlinson, and B. Schmid. 2023. "Performance of optical sensors for cloud measurements deployed by the ARM Aerial Facility during ACE-ENA." Applied Optics 62, no. 19:5282-5293. PNNL-SA-174589. doi:10.1364/AO.491401


  • Geerts B., S. Giangrande, G. Mcfarquhar, L. Xue, S.J. Abel, J.M. Comstock, and S. Crewell, et al. 2022. "The COMBLE campaign: a study of marine boundary-layer clouds in Arctic cold-air outbreaks." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 103, no. 5:E1371-E1389. PNNL-SA-170594. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0044.1
  • Lin Y., J. Fan, P. Li, L. Leung, P.J. DeMott, L.A. Goldberger, and J.M. Comstock, et al. 2022. "Modeling Impacts of ice-nucleating particles from marine aerosols on mixed-phase orographic clouds during 2015 ACAPEX field campaign." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22, no. 10:6749-6771. PNNL-SA-166295. doi:10.5194/acp-22-6749-2022
  • Zaveri R.A., J. Wang, J. Fan, Y. Zhang, J.E. Shilling, A. Zelenyuk-Imre, and F. Mei, et al. 2022. "Rapid growth of anthropogenic organic nanoparticles greatly alters cloud life cycle in the Amazon rainforest." Science Advances 8, no. 2:Art. No. eabj0329. PNNL-SA-155974. doi:10.1126/sciadv.abj0329
  • Zhang D., J.M. Comstock, and V.R. Morris. 2022. "Comparison of Planetary Boundary Layer Height from Ceilometer with ARM Radiosonde Data." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 15, no. 16:4735-4749. PNNL-SA-168399. doi:10.5194/amt-15-4735-2022
  • Zhang D., J.M. Comstock, H. Xie, and Z. Wang. 2022. "Polar Aerosol Vertical Structures and Characteristics Observed with a High Spectral Resolution Lidar at the ARM NSA Observatory." Remote Sensing 14, no. 18:Art. No. 4638. PNNL-SA-177340. doi:10.3390/rs14184638


  • Kassianov E.I., E. Cromwell, J. Monroe, L. Riihimaki, C.J. Flynn, J.C. Barnard, and J. Michalsky, et al. 2021. "Harmonized and high-quality datasets of aerosol optical depth at a US continental site, 1997-2018." Scientific Data 8, no. 1:82. PNNL-SA-156161. doi:10.1038/s41597-021-00866-2


  • Kollias P., N. Bharadwaj, E.E. Clothiaux, K. Lamer, M. Oue, J.C. Hardin, and B.M. Isom, et al. 2020. "The ARM Radar Network: At the Leading-edge of Cloud and Precipitation Observations." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 101, no. 5:E588-E607. PNNL-SA-150306. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-18-0288.1
  • Maahn M., D.D. Turner, U. Lohnert, D.J. Posselt, K. Ebell, G.G. Mace, and J.M. Comstock. 2020. "Optimal Estimation Retrievals and Their Uncertainties: What Every Atmospheric Scientist Should Know." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 101, no. 9:E1512-E1523. PNNL-SA-151207. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0027.1
  • Mei F., J. Wang, J.M. Comstock, R. Weigel, M. Kramer, C. Mahnke, and J.E. Shilling, et al. 2020. "Comparison of aircraft measurements during GoAmazon2014/5 and ACRIDICON-CHUVA." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 13, no. 2:661-684. PNNL-SA-151169. doi:10.5194/amt-13-661-2020


  • Yeom J., S. Yum, F. Mei, B. Schmid, J.M. Comstock, L.T. Machado, and M.A. Cecchini. 2019. "Impact of secondary droplet activation on the contrasting cloud microphysical relationships during the wet and dry seasons in the Amazon." Atmospheric Research 230. PNNL-SA-141857. doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2019.104648


  • Fan J., D. Rosenfeld, Y. Zhang, S. Giangrande, Z. Li, L. Machado, and S.T. Martin, et al. 2018. "Substantial Convection and Precipitation Enhancements by Ultrafine Aerosol Particles." Science 359, no. 6374:411-418. PNNL-SA-126490. doi:10.1126/science.aan8461
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  • Giangrande S., Z. Feng, M. Jensen, J.M. Comstock, K. Johnson, T. Toto, and M. Wang, et al. 2017. "Cloud Characteristics, Thermodynamic Controls and Radiative Impacts During the Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) Experiment." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17, no. 23:14519-14541. PNNL-SA-129543. doi:10.5194/acp-17-14519-2017
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