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October 2010

Kleese Van Dam Invited to Talk on Real-Time Analysis at NOBUGS

Congratulations to Dr. Kerstin Kleese Van Dam of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on being asked to speak at New Opportunities for Better User Group Software, better known as NOBUGS. At this international workshop, software developers from X-ray, neutron, and other experimental facilities exchange best practices and share new ideas.

In her talk, Kleese Van Dam spoke on moving data management software towards supporting real-time analysis across imaging technologies. By combining light-source-based x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet probes with laboratory-based imaging capabilities for 3D tomography, electron, ion, mass, and scanned probe microscopy, Kleese-Van Dam and her colleagues at PNNL's Chemical Imaging Initiative are striving for nanometer-scale imaging.

"With these combined imaging technologies, you will not only be able to view what's happening during the experiment, but influence it," she said. "To obtain this control, you need outstanding experimental equipment and the software to allow real-time analysis and integration."

Kleese Van Dam was selected for the talk based on her experience in building data infrastructures for large, complex scientific data sets. For example, she led the creation of the U.K. Science and Technology Facilities Council's integrated data management infrastructure. This infrastructure organizes, stores, and allows the analysis of data from multiple synchrotron, neutron, and laser facilities. The infrastructure is being adopted at other facilities worldwide. At PNNL, Kleese Van Dam is leading the Chemical Imaging Initiative's Hardware and Software Thrust Area.

The NOBUGS workshop occurred on October 10-13, 2010, at Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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