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January 2009

PNNL Team Secures License with Metatomix for Data Analysis Software

Graphic: Universal Parsing Agent (UPA)
The award-winning Universal Parsing Agent (UPA), a document analysis and transformation program developed by PNNL researchers, is one of the tools forming the FADE software licensed to Metatomix. UPA accepts multiple datasets or information streams, discovers and extracts information needed, and delivers results in their most useful form. Enlarged View

Congratulations to Dave Thurman, Curt West, Alan Chappell, Gus Calapristi, Brett Didier, and Deb Gracio, who worked with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Technology Commercialization Office to secure a software license with Metatomix for the PNNL-developed Fused Analytical Desktop Environment (FADE) software. Metatomix is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in semantic integration technologies.

Metatomix plans to integrate the FADE software with its technologies to provide information exploration capabilities for analysts and investigators working in the judicial, financial, manufacturing and life sciences domains.

FADE is an integration of five Lab-developed software technologies suited for exploration of unstructured and semi-structured textual data. The five software tools include Analyst Driven Knowledge Enhancement and Analysis (AKEA), Concept Based Clustering/Frame of reference Visualization (CBC/ForVIZ), Collaborative Analytical Toolbox (CAT), IN-SPIRE, and Universal Parsing Agent (UPA).

FADE was developed for use by intelligence analysts and provides data ingest, data transformation, data organization, collaboration and analytical capabilities. Content management and collaboration were built into the system so context and acquired knowledge can be shared. FADE also provides standards based data access so existing in-house tools can use data stored within the FADE system.

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