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December 2008

Check Out the Fundamental & Computational Sciences Achievements for 2008

Graphic Cover: 2008 Accomplishments Report

In 2008, the staff of the Fundamental & Computational Sciences Directorate advanced the scientific frontiers to deliver new discoveries and solutions to intractable problems. These discoveries and solutions are highlighted in our key accomplishment report. For example, our scientists. . .

  • Contributed to the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Through their involvement in the IPCC, the following researchers are shaping how the world views climate change.
  • Showed that diverse bacteria have a common set of proteins, called the "core proteome." Knowing what proteins lie outside the core proteome may present an opportunity to identify environmental stress and treat infectious diseases.
  • Determined that electrons spur the chemical reaction between an acid and a base. The results, printed in Science and featured on a cover, may aid scientists in releasing hydrogen from storage materials, part of developing practical hydrogen-fueled cars.

Also, in fiscal year 2008, the Computational Sciences & Mathematics Division joined the directorate. The staff in this division merge high-performance computing with data-centric analysis to solve problems of national interest. Among their many achievements is their work on energy standards for data centers, vital tools that can draw as much electricity as a small town.

Copies of this full-color annual accomplishments report are available online.

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