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May 2015

Interior Design for Supercomputers

PNNL and Intel explore new ways to improve OS functionality, work to be featured at ROSS 2015

Roberto Gioiosa, a scientist with PNNL’s High Performance Computing group, along with collaborators from Intel Corp., co-authored “Analyzing System Calls in Multi-OS Hierarchical Environments.” The paper describes their work analyzing supercomputer operating system, or OS, hierarchy functionality and recently was accepted by the 2015 International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS). Gioiosa and his Intel colleagues will present their work during the ROSS 2015 Operating Systems Session on Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

In work with Intel, PNNL’s Roberto Gioiosa examines hierarchical approaches to manage HPC resources.

“As OS systems continue to adapt, decisions about where functionality should be implemented in the system hierarchy have become more complex,” Gioiosa, the paper’s primary author, explained. “Our goal in this effort was to provide supporting data to inform OS and runtime designers on where to implement OS system calls. We applied a systematic methodology for analyzing system calls issued by 19 HPC applications from multiple mission-critical DOE workloads and found our framework could guide OS designers about where to implement operating system services in a hierarchical multi-OS environment by focusing on the important system calls.”

Held in conjunction with the ACM International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC), ROSS focuses on the complexity of node architectures in supercomputers, especially as they approach exascale, and offers a forum for researchers to discuss technical challenges and propose ideas for improvements. This year, both events take place in Portland, Oregon.

Gioiosa R, RW Wisniewski, R Murty, and T Inglett. 2015. “Analyzing System Calls in Multi-OS Hierarchical Environments.” In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS 15), Article No. 6. June 16, 2015, Portland, Oregon. ACM, New York, N.Y. DOI: 10.1145/2768405.2768411.

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