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PNNL Portland Office

Welcome to the PNNL Portland Office

The PNNL Portland Office was originally established in 1983 to support regional clients with energy end-use research and environmental assessments. Portland, Oregon is home to five utility headquarters, five energy trading floors with three green power desks, several energy efficiency and conservation organizations, utility trade and professional associations, and many utility consultants. Portland is also home to Portland State University and is only a few hours away from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. The benefit of having a Portland PNNL office near so many of these potential partners became clear as the office began to grow and expand its regional customer base.

While the primary mission of the Portland Office is to support the Laboratory's mission and vision in the area of energy science and technology, it also supports significant projects in the area of environmental technology with special emphasis on marine sciences, natural resources – hydrology, and ecology. These projects often require specialized knowledge and resources, and the Portland Office has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Richland staff by providing them with new project work as business grows. In fact, several Portland-based projects are primarily staffed by Richland employees.

Portland skyline photo courtesy of POVA

PNNL Portland Office

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Office Information

620 SW 5th Ave, Suite 810
Portland, OR 97204
PH: (503) 417-2174
FX: (503) 417-2175


We're conveniently located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon within walking distance of shops, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Office Hours:

8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F