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Decision Support for Operations and Maintenance (DSOM)

Diagnostics Research & Development

General Information

Losses associated with poor operation and maintenance (O&M) cost industry and government billions of dollars each year. Improved O&M offers an opportunity to lower costs and increase profits by using existing systems and equipment more effectively.

O and M Process Integration

enlarge photo O&M Process Integration. Using process integration, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory helps clients develop a computer-enhanced, integrated operations and maintenance infrastructure. The new system will provide an intelligent, integrated network for measure and managing plant performance goals.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the U.S. Department of Energy, offers capabilities for developing and deploying both specific O&M technologies and complete, integrated O&M solutions. For manufacturers of equipment, PNNL offers new technology that can be used as the foundation for new products or as enhanced capabilities to existing product lines. For facility owners and operators, PNNL provides a full spectrum of O&M services, leading to improved O&M programs that fulfill the unique needs of our clients.

As a multiprogram national laboratory, PNNL provides solutions to customers' problems, using a broad range of experts and advanced technologies to help customers avoid O&M losses. We meet the unique needs of our customers through federal programs, government-industry partnerships, such as cooperative research and development agreements, and contract research for private firms.

PNNL can:

  • assess current practices and identify opportunities for improvements
  • develop and implement complete O&M programs
  • immediately identify and correct critical safety problems
  • apply a broad range of technologies to solve chronic problems and implement improved practices
  • develop new technologies to cost-effectively solve the unique problems of customers
  • provide training programs.

Using broad capabilities, PNNL brings O&M solutions to facility owners, operators, and providers of equipment. Potential applications span many industries, such as energy systems; manufacturing; buildings; and waste, chemical and food processing.

Our staff includes engineers with hands-on understanding of O&M, trainers with extensive classroom experience in O&M instruction; and researchers, software engineers, and human factors scientists experienced in developing and applying new O&M technologies. Our broad spectrum of capabilities and practical knowledge of proper O&M practices enables our staff, working in partnership with customers, to provide integrated solutions offering lasting benefits.

Main Chiller Display

enlarge photo Main Chiller Display. For more information, see PNNL Develops Centrifugal Chiller Diagnostician.

centrifugal pump

enlarge photo Fully instrumented single stage centrifugal pump for cavitation, imbalance and misalignment destructive testing. For more information, see: Jarrell DB, DR Sisk, and LJ Bond. 2002. "Prognostics and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) - A Scientific Crystal Ball." PNNL-SA-36771, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA.

Additional Information

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