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Dr. Michael Kluse, Laboratory Director
Michael Kluse,
Laboratory Director

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), we are transforming the world through courageous scientific discovery and innovation. We continue to be recognized for the high caliber of our research, our science and technology (S&T) accomplishments and our thought leadership within the scientific community, the outcomes of which are defined within the context of each of our Laboratory values. Samplings of our S&T accomplishments in FY 2012 include:


  • We successfully demonstrated the viability of future grid operating scenarios, helping planners and operators with the need for better, faster data to identify and correct energy grid instabilities and to ensure reliable and resilient power system operations.
  • We were the first to demonstrate the use of uncertainty quantification for better simulation of precipitation for regional weather research and forecasting models, a significant advancement in the reliability of predicting and projecting future climate change.
  • We developed a new chemical imaging method for biological molecules in native environments with Nanospray Desorption Electrospray Ionization, enabling the scientific community to characterize biological samples with no preparation.
  • We developed highly scalable analytical technologies for identifying threat signatures. Our leadership in this area has made its way to the desks of the DOE Secretary and President of the United States, as we are leading the way by providing S&T expertise to policy and decision makers.

Collaboration: Significant improvements were completed at two of our user facilities this year, each enabling greater research capabilities. EMSL's newly opened quiet wing, coupled with new in situ microscopy capabilities, provides new tools for chemical imaging. Two new ARM sites were established, significantly expanding the ability to collect essential data for climate research.

Creativity: We are distinguishing our S&T through innovation, integration and responsiveness. Our capabilities are stewarded through strategic investments, and we continue to attract top talent despite the difficult budgetary climate. Ever moving forward, we are leveraging fundamental science for program impact and engaging the broader scientific community to define our initiatives.

Courage: PNNL is demonstrating its leadership as stewards of this national laboratory asset. In FY 2012, we delivered a compelling Laboratory Strategy to DOE, and successfully implemented our plan through strategic investments. We partnered with PNSO, which led to the execution of a contract extension, and implemented ACT, a mechanism that benefits the entire DOE complex. We are providing leadership in positioning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for future success in our region through the development of leaders, advocacy and awareness.

Integrity: Over the last year, we had our strongest safety performance to date. Further, we are taking innovative approaches to continuously improve upon our health and safety performance — while effectively enabling research and development.

The foundation of PNNL's decisions is focused on executing our mission. At PNNL, we are making innovative, impactful contributions to fundamental science, energy, environment and national security, thus enabling the world to live prosperously, safely and securely.

Michael Kluse
Laboratory Director

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