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ELISA-BASE is a database system for the management of ELISA microarray assays for biomarker screening and protein expression analysis. It includes features for microarray experiment tracking, materials and methods documentation, and data quality assurance. The analytical engine for ELISA-BASE is the Protein Microarray Analysis Tool (ProMAT), our statistical program for the prediction of protein concentrations in biological samples. ELISA-BASE is an extension of the BioArray Software Environment v.2 (BASE2), an open source Java application server for DNA microarray data management.

ELISA-BASE extends BASE through plugins and annotations to customize it for ELISA microarray data. ELISA-BASE includes plugins for uploading and organizing ELISA data, as well as the ProMAT plugin for generating standard curves and estimating protein concentrations

To receive instructions on downloading ELISA-BASE, send email with your name, organization and country to

Statistics & Sensor Analytics


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