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TechRealization - A Day for  Recognizing clean technology impacts and progress in the Tri-Cities Research District

Who Should Attend TechRealization

TechRealization was planned with the region's clean technology leaders and Tri-Cities Research District stakeholders in mind with the goal of catching everyone up on the progress made since last year’s TechRealization. The workshop event is expected to attract an exciting cross section of business, government, academic and research, and service organizations—all with the same clean technology agenda and progress in mind for the TCRD and around the state of Washington.

The agenda was prepared with several objectives in mind. We want to bring together the area's best and brightest from every potential stakeholder group and involve them in what we believe will be a leading Innovation Partnership Zone within the state. By blending emerging clean technologies, with innovative organizations and people and a research district unveiling its potential, TechRealization will be an exciting event where participants can not only realize the past year’s progress, but envision the future. To that end, the agenda is organized into four sections:

  • a kick-off keynote speaker who will share her own experience building a research park close to a national laboratory
  • the first public unveiling of the Tri-Cities Research District’s master plan
  • insights into the TCRD from the executive director, chairman, and clean technology innovators
  • work on the next steps with a stimulating brainstorming session that will help form the next phase of TCRD’s plans.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is committed to facilitating an event that demonstrates progress and offers a glimpse into the TCRD’s future with clean technology.



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August 27, 2008

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