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Contacts for Reporters

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Media Contacts

The News & Media Relations office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST weekdays, (509) 375-3776.

News & Media Relations

Office: (509) 372-4864
Home: (509) 736-6065
Cell: (509) 942-9662
General lab inquiries, lab-wide issues.

Office: (509) 375-3776

Media Relations Staff

Office: (509) 372-6083
Cell: (509) 366-3256
National and homeland security, visual analytics, data-intensive computing, technology transfer, clean fossil fuels, carbon capture and sequestration, Hanford-related research and development; nuclear energy.

Office: (509) 375-3688
Cell: (208) 520-1415
Fundamental science, climate change, chemistry, catalysis, atmospheric sciences, high-performance computing, microbial communities research, nuclear magnetic resonance research, proteomics, and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory.

Office: (509) 375-6904
Cell: (360) 333-4793
Buildings energy efficiency, batteries & energy storage, renewable energy, marine science, fish, hydropower.

Office: (509) 372-6618
Cell: (509) 528-6159
Grid of the future/grid cybersecurity, smart buildings/grid integration (advanced controls), biofuels, transportation (lightweight materials, catalysts).

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