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Media Contacts

The News & Media Relations office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST weekdays, (509) 375-3776.

News & Media Relations

Office: (509) 372-4864
Home: (509) 736-6065
Cell: (509) 942-9662
General lab inquiries, lab-wide issues.

Office: (509) 375-3776

Media Relations Staff

Office: (509) 372-6083
Cell: (509) 366-3256
National and homeland security, visual analytics, data-intensive computing, technology transfer, Hanford-related research and development; nuclear energy and power.

Office: (509) 375-3688
Cell: (208) 520-1415
Fundamental science, climate change, chemistry, catalysis, atmospheric sciences, high-performance computing, microbial communities research, nuclear magnetic resonance research, proteomics, and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory.

Office: (509) 375-6904
Cell: (360) 333-4793
Energy and environment, including smart grid, building energy efficiency, energy storage, clean fossil fuel, carbon capture, biofuels, marine research, fish, renewable energy, transportation.

Contact News and Media Relations

If you have a media-related question or comment, please contact News and Media Relations by filling out the form below. If you have a general comment about PNNL or this website, please contact the webmaster via our Inquiry form.

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