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Linked Software Gives Better Picture of Organisms' Behavior (December 2008)

Proteomics Research Makes Journal Top 20 List of Most Cited (November 2008)

Proteomics Research Makes Journal Top 20 List of Most Cited (November 2008)

Journal Cover Features De Novo Sequencing Approach for Identifying Proteins (November 2008)

Taking a Systems Biology Approach to Infectious Disease Research (October 2008)

New Data Analysis Tools Advance Protein Research (September 2008)

Review Article Chronicles Research on Versatile Bacterium (September 2008)

Photosynthesizing bacteria with a day-night cycle contain rare chromosome (September 2008)

New Data Analysis Tools Advance Protein Research (September 2008)

New SPIN Corrals Protein Molecules (August 2008)

Now It's Molecular: New Understanding of Radiation Effects on Cells (August 2008)

Allan Konopka Joins Laboratory Fellow Ranks (August 2008)

Eminent Radiation Biology Researcher Joins PNNL (August 2008)

Karin Rodland selected as Laboratory Fellow (August 2008)

Proteins under pressure (July 2008)

Assigning Proteins ID Cards (May 2008)

Tissue proteomics targets blood test for breast cancer (May 2008)

Tom Metz Named to Proteomic Insights Editorial Board (May 2008)

New Technology Enables Better Understanding of Brain Development (April 2008)

FCSD and EMSL Team to Develop a Transformational Next-Generation Proteomics Measurement Platform (April 2008)

Cavities Beware! (April 2008)

Keqi Tang Chosen 2007 PNNL Inventor of the Year (April 2008)

Mass Spec Manuscript Heads Top 25 Hottest Articles List (March 2008)

X-ray Crystallography Reveals New Insights into Pentapeptide Repeat Protein Structure (February 2008)

Biomarkers for Type 1 Diabetes Found Using Proteomics (February 2008)

Proteins Provide Clues to Nanomaterial Toxicity (February 2008)

EMSL Scientific Grand Challenge Biogeochemistry Team Uses a Systems Biology Approach

New NMR Method to Characterize Proteins (February 2008)

Regulatory Protein Shown to Indicate Stress in Skeletal Muscle (January 2008)

BioPilot: Data Intensive Computing for Complex Biological Systems (January 2008)


PNNL to Manage Two DOE Field Research Sites (December 2006)

Night of the living enzyme (December 2006)

Grand Challenge Research Uses a Systems Biology Approach (November 2006)

Plague proteome reveals proteins linked to infection (November 2006)

Cytochrome Studies Provide Biofuel Cell Potential (November 2006)

PNNL Wins Project BioShield Grants (November 2006)

PNNL scientists improve quality of global transcriptome studies (November 2006)

Global proteomics quantify bacterial proteins isolated from host cells (October 2006)

DOE awards PNNL contract for single-molecule studies of enzymes (August 2006)

Novel bug work appears in two journals (August 2006)

Shewanella uranium reduction role described in PLoS article (August 2006)

Live Wires (July 2006)

Systems Biology's Clinical Future (July 2006)

PNNL team makes the first global identification of endogenous levels of nitrated proteins in the brain (July 2006)

Isolation and validation of a metal-reducing protein complex from Shewanella published in the Journal of Bacteriology (June 2006)

New insights made into the functioning of deep subsurface microbial communities (June 2006)

Open-source software tool for protein microarray analysis available (ProMat) (June 2006)

Better proteomic measurements achieved with smaller liquid chromatography columns (June 2006)

Researchers profile cells to determine radiation response (June 2006)

Illuminating the mechanism of fluorophore-assisted light inactivation of proteins (June 2006)

New role discovered for calmodulin: modulating inflammatory response (June 2006)

Combined methods meet challenge of studying protein changes (June 2006)

Researchers develop improved protein affinity probe (May 2006)

Bioinformatics Resource Manager Highlighted in Scientific Computing (April 2006)

First study on the mitochondrial outer membrane subproteome appears in Proteomics (April 2006)

Firsts in mouse and mammalian brain proteomic research featured in journal (April 2006)

PNNL wins NCI contract for breast cancer biomarker research (April 2006)

First constraint-based metabolic model for an Archaea (April 2006)

Bioinformatics Resource Manager Highlighted in Scientific Computing (April 2006)

PNNL wins NCI contract for breast cancer biomarker research (April 2006)

First constraint-based metabolic model for an Archaea (April 2006)

PNNL's Tom Weber and SK Sundaram interviewed by United Press International about cellular responses to nanoparticle research (March 2006)

Karin Rodland speaks as lead for PNNL's for the Pathogen Biology Initiative on Science and Society's World Talk Radio (January 2006)


Steven Wiley named AAAS Fellow (November 2005)

Jim Fredrickson named GTL chief scientist (September 2005)

NMR technologies developed for biofilm studies featured in recent journals (September 2005)

Imaging system success story featured on journal cover (September 2005)

Steven Wiley named to editorial board of The Scientist (September 2005)

Paul Ellis contributes to National Academies' report (September 2005)

Simulation of PNNL protein identification process featured in journal special edition (August 2005)

DOE review gave high marks for proteomic informatics capability (July 2005)

Breakthrough could lead to solving complex problems (June 2005)

Cutting-edge proteomics tool (May 2005)

PNNL receives NIH funding to model bacterial membrane proteins and human cell signaling networks (May 2005)

A fluorescent probe finds a second use in a resin for protein pull-downs (May 2005)

Skeletal muscle cell understanding research published in PNAS (April 2005)

New biological consortium featured in The Scientist (April 2005)

Consortium web site established for Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Networks! (April 2005)

PNNL NCRR Proteomics Research Resource hosts national workshop (March 2005)

Fleshing out the genome (February 2005)

Managing the Flood of Proteomic Data (February 2005)

PNNL to play key role in RTK Consortium (February 2005)

Shewanella profiling paper appears in PNAS (January 2005)

Dr. Steven Wiley and Dr. Karin Rodland speak on Science and Society's World Talk Radio (January 2005)


"Systems Microbiology: Beyond Microbial Genomics" (a report detailing a systems approach to the study of biology and microbiology, December 2004)

Cellular Response to Protein Nitration(October 2004)

Pacific Northwest team unveils largest virus proteome to date (September 2004)

PNNL receives biodefense contract from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Agents (NIAID)(September 2004)

Microbe survives deadly radiation (September 2004)

The fly-fishing theory of protein communication (August 2004)

Single-Chain Antibody Library wins an R&D 100 Award (July 2004)

PNNL is awarded $10 million grant from NIH to build the "Virtual Lung" (August 2004)

Dr. Richard Smith speaks on proteomics in Vancouver, B.C. (June 2004)

PNNL's partnership with the Institute for Systems Biology (April 2004)

Genomics & Proteomics magazine features Steven Wiley (March 2004)

Steven Wiley participates in Biotech forum (February 2004)

Most complete human blood-plasma proteome map to date unveiled (PNNL News Release, February 2004)


Steven Wiley selected for National Academy Conference (November, 2003)

Steven Wiley participates in NIH symposium (November, 2003)

PNNL wins record $10.2 million NIH grant for proteomics center (PNNL news release, October 2003)

"Systems Biology Completes the Circle,"

(Signals online magazine, June 2003)

Leading bioinformatics scientist joins PNNL (PNNL news release, April 2003)

DNA double helix anniversary (94.9 KOUW Puget Sound's public radio NPR Weekday program talk show, February 26, 2003)

New antibody library speeds search for new detection tools (PNNL news release, January 2003)

Data stored in multiplying bacteria (, January 8, 2003)


Immobilizing enzymes for useful service (Office of Science, DOE Science News web site, January 6, 2003), PNNL news release, September 2002)

PNNL expands blood serum protein library (news release, December 18, 2002)

Search for breast cancer biomarkers may be helped by new test (Cancer Page News, September 30, 2002)

Biotech has been good to Washington; now state needs to be good to it (Seattle Times, September 29, 2002)

Mass spectrometer weighs in as proteomics breakthrough (PNNL news release, September 2002)

Exploring the machinery of life (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

Super-Shewanella (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

Seeing cells in a whole new way (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

Biology research goes in silico (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

Paving the way for proteomics (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

The color of genomes (Breakthroughs, Summer 2002)

PNNL gathers most complete protein map of "world's toughest bacterium" (PNNL news release, August 2002)

Researching microarrays for bioremediation, team unearths bonus discovery (, February 2002)

Breathing digital air (Popular Mechanics, February 2002)


"Leeuwenhoek's Legacy: PNNL's Cellular Observatory produces unprecedented images of living cells" (Northwest Science and Technology, Karen James, Autumn 2000, pp. 40-42)

PNNL to play leading role in new biological sciences initiative (news release, August 2000)

Post-genomic research: PNNL's role in proteomics (backgrounders, August 2000)

Smith named Inventor of the Year (news release, March 2000)


Inside the chemistry of life (combined microscope article, Popular Mecahnics, November 1999)

Super funnel (ion funnel article, Popular Mechanics, October 1999)

Remarkable results from new observatory (news release, June 1999)

A big step forward for mass spectrometers (news release, June 1999)

Glass half full, half empty with trap (backgrounders, Spring 1999)


System offers breath of relief to workers (exposure to risk news release, August 1998)

Systems Biology at PNNL

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