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Mark Greaves

Computing & Analytics Div

PNNL Publications


  • Frazar SL, G Hund, GT Bonheyo, J Diggans, RA Bartholomew, LK Gehrig, and MT Greaves. 2017. "Defining the Synthetic Biology Supply Chain." Health Security 15(4):392-400.  doi:10.1089/hs.2016.0083


  • Yan R, MT Greaves, WP Smith, and DL McGuinness. 2016. "Remembering the Important Things: Semantic Importance in Stream Reasoning." In Stream Reasoning Workshop 2016, October 18, 2016, Kobe, JapanNo publisher listed


  • Gil Y, MT Greaves, J Hendler, and H Hirsch. 2014. "Amplify scientific discovery with artificial intelligence." Science 346(6206):171-2.  doi:10.1126/science.1259439

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