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Kevin Fox

Scientific & Computing Operations
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K8-83
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Gaustad KL, TR Shippert, BD Ermold, SJ Beus, JA Daily, A Borsholm, and KM Fox. 2014. "A Scientific Data Processing Framework for Time Series NetCDF Data." Environmental Modelling & Software 60:241-249.  doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.06.005


  • Sego LH, A Marquez, A Rawson, T Cader, KM Fox, WI Gustafson, Jr, and CJ Mundy. 2013. "Implementing the Data Center Energy Productivity Metric in a High Performance Computing Data Center." Chapter 4 in Design Technologies for Green and Sustainable Computing Systems, ed. PP Pande, A Ganguly and K Chakrabarty, pp. 93-116.  Springer, New York, NY. 


  • Sego LH, A Marquez, A Rawson, T Cader, KM Fox, WI Gustafson, Jr, and CJ Mundy. 2012. "Implementing the Data Center Energy Productivity Metric." ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems 8(4):Article No. 30.  doi:10.1145/2367736.2367741


  • Felix EJ, KM Fox, KM Regimbal, and J Nieplocha. 2006. "Active Storage Processing in a Parallel File System." In Proceedings of the 6th LCI International Conference on Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution, April 25-28, 2005, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Linux Clusters Institute, Albuquerque, NM. 

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