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Staff information

Timothy Shippert

Data Integration
Software Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
MSIN: K7-22
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Shippert T.R., and K.L. Gaustad. 2017. "An Architecture for Consolidating Multidimensional Time-Series Data onto a Common Coordinate Grid." Earth Science Informatics 10, no. 2:247-256. PNNL-SA-126775. doi:10.1007/s12145-016-0285-z


  • Feldman D.R., W.D. Collins, P. Gero, M.S. Torn, E.J. Mlawer, and T.R. Shippert. 2015. "Observational determination of surface radiative forcing by CO2 from 2000 to 2010." Nature 519, no. 7543:339-343. PNNL-SA-109343. doi:10.1038/nature14240
  • Parworth C., J.D. Fast, F. Mei, T.R. Shippert, C. Sivaraman, A. Tilp, and T. Watson, et al. 2015. "Long-term Measurements of Submicrometer Aerosol Chemistry at the Southern Great Plains (SGP) Using an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM)." Atmospheric Environment 106. PNNL-SA-106218. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.01.060
  • Shupe M.D., D.D. Turner, A. Zwink, M.M. Thieman, E.J. Mlawer, and T.R. Shippert. 2015. "Deriving Arctic Cloud Microphysics at Barrow, Alaska: Algorithms, Results, and Radiative Closure." Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 54, no. 7:1675-1689. PNNL-SA-109534. doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-15-0054.1


  • Gaustad K.L., T.R. Shippert, B.D. Ermold, S.J. Beus, J.A. Daily, A. Borsholm, and K.M. Fox. 2014. "A Scientific Data Processing Framework for Time Series NetCDF Data." Environmental Modelling & Software 60. PNNL-SA-97472. doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.06.005


  • Oreopoulos L., E.J. Mlawer, J. Delamere, T.R. Shippert, J. Cole, B. Fomin, and M.J. Iacono, et al. 2012. "The Continual Intercomparison of Radiation Codes: Results from Phase I." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 117, no. D6:Article No. D06118. PNNL-SA-83841. doi:10.1029/2011JD016821


  • Scherrer C., T.R. Shippert, and A. Marquez. 2009. "Accelerating Numerical Calculation on the Cray XMT." In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Processing (IPDPS 2009), May 23-29, 2009, Rome, Italy. Los Alamitos, California:IEEE Computer Society. PNNL-SA-64423.


  • Ghan S.J., and T.R. Shippert. 2006. "Physically-Based Global Downscaling: Climate Change Projections for a Full Century." Journal of Climate 19, no. 9:1589-1604. PNNL-SA-44150. doi:10.1175/JCL13701.1
  • Ghan S.J., T.R. Shippert, and J. Fox. 2006. "Physically Based Global Downscaling: Regional Evaluation." Journal of Climate 19, no. 3:429-445. PNNL-SA-44149.


  • Ghan S.J., and T.R. Shippert. 2005. "Load Balancing and Scalability of a Subgrid Orography Scheme in a Global Climate Model." International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 19, no. 3:237-245. PNNL-SA-43617.
  • Ghan S.J., and T.R. Shippert. 2005. "Physically-Based Global Downscaling Climate Change Projections for a Full Century." Journal of Physics: Conference Series 16. PNNL-SA-44905. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/16/1/047


  • Turner D.D., D.C. Tobin, S.A. Clough, P.D. Brown, R.G. Ellingson, E.J. Mlawer, and R.O. Knuteson, et al. 2004. "The QME AERI LBLRTM: A Closure Experiment for Downwelling High Spectral Resolution Infrared Radiance." Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 61, no. 22:2657-2675. PNNL-SA-41321.


  • Philipona J.R., E.G. Dutton, T. Stoffel, J.J. Michalsky, I. Reda, A. Stifter, and P. Wendling, et al. 2001. "Atmospheric Longwave Irradiance Uncertainty: Pyrgeometers Compared to an Absolute Sky-Scanning Radiometer, Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer, and Radiative Transfer Model Calculations." Journal of Geophysical Research. D. (Atmospheres) 106, no. D22:28129-28141. PNNL-SA-37690. doi:10.1029/2000JD000196

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