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October 2006

Chuck Long Influences International Direction for Meteorological Measurements

Portrait of Chuck Long
Chuck Long

Congratulations to Chuck Long, who presented his recommendations for surface meteorological and upwelling radiation measurements at the 9th biennial Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) Scientific Review and Workshop, held from May 29-June 2, 2006, in Lindenberg, Germany. More than 60 international experts attended the workshop. These experts are committed to BSRN's goal of promoting and extending high quality surface radiation budget measurements over a globally and climatically diverse coordinated set of ground-based stations.

Dr. Long used his technique, developed through funding from the Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, along with BSRN data, to show that the flux analysis methodology significantly increases the value of BSRN-style surface radiation and meteorological measurements beyond that of the individual measurements. Dr. Long's recommendations also appeared in the August 2006 issue of the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) News.

GEWEX, a core project of the World Climate Research Programme, is an integrated program of research, observations, and science activities ultimately leading to the prediction of global and regional climate change.

For more information, see GEWEX and BSRN.

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