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March 2018

Szanyi and Gao Invited to Share Their View of Nitrogen Oxides for Nature Catalysis

Janos Szanyi and Feng Gao, portraits
Janos Szanyi (right) and Feng Gao wrote an invited "News and Views" article for Nature Catalysis

Congratulations to Janos Szanyi and Feng Gao, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, on having their commentary appear in the March 2018 issue of Nature Catalysis. The journal's editors asked them to write a "News and Views" article on a study about the selective catalytic reduction of NOx, a critical reaction to reduce automotive exhaust emissions. Szanyi and Gao were invited because of their expertise in surface chemistry and catalysis, including the use of spectroscopic techniques and reaction kinetics.

Their 2-page article highlights research led by Maarten Nachtegaal and Davide Ferri at the Paul Scherrer Institute on transient NOx reduction reactions catalyzed by Cu-SSZ-13. Szanyi and Gao note the study can help scientists better understand how catalysts' structures affect their function under changing conditions.

Their article is "The stream of change."

Szanyi and Gao are part of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where they work on several projects for the Department of Energy's Office of Science.

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