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June 2016

Rasch, a Sailing Scientist, Shares Climate Change Insights

In a recent interview, author Paul Vandevelder tapped Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Dr. Philip Rasch for his expertise in climate science—his passion for sailing is a bonus.

Cruising World is a resource for sailboat enthusiasts. In his article The Climate Conundrum, Vandevelder says, "A new term in the sailor's glossary, climate change, is going to be a factor in all things sailing for the rest of our lives and beyond."

Rasch explains the interaction between weather patterns on land and the effects on oceans. He also talks about how oceans carry heat from the equator to the polar regions.

"Tropical cyclones and hurricanes are going to get stronger. In the overall pattern, wet places are going to get wetter, and the dry places drier," Rasch said.

Rasch is chief scientist for climate and a laboratory fellow.

Read the article: The Climate Conundrum in Cruising World

Page 176 of 740

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