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March 2008

Material Research Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

Congratulations to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers and their co-authors on having their research appear in Chemical & Engineering News. Publicity in this magazine and the associated website helps both the Laboratory and our clients when discussing the impact and funding of our research.

Electron-Conducting Rocks: Dr. Kevin Rosso and Dr. Svetlana Yanina [March 10, 2008, page 54] found that iron oxide can conduct electrons under certain chemical conditions. Further, the current causes some mineral surfaces to build up while others degrade. These results might be critical for water quality, soil evolution, and environmental cleanup. This research was supported by the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences Geosciences Program.

Gas-Converting Catalysts: Dr Jian Zhi Hu, Dr. Ja Hun Kwak, Dr. Yong Wang and Dr. Chuck Peden with co-authors at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China [March 11, 2008] identified active species in a molybdenum-based zeolite catalyst that convert simplistic single-carbon methane to more complex six-carbon benzene. This could lead to efficient methods of converting methane into more valuable and easily transported chemicals. The work was funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China and DOE's Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Chemical Sciences.

EMSL Support: The research was made possible by the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a national scientific user facility, at PNNL.


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