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February 2015

Burrows Quoted in Scientific American on Youth Science Competition

Dr. Susannah Burrows, an atmospheric postdoc researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, discussed her experience as Science Olympiad alumna and volunteer at the 2015 MIT Invitational in a blog post by Scientific American's Amanda Baker. The article highlights youth science competitions that aim to examine their performance when faced with real scientific research challenges. As an alumna, Burrows expressed the importance of partnership and teamwork in these competitions. Teamwork, such has this, has left a lasting impression throughout her career.

"Science Olympiad is a great way for students to engage with different science topics and at a deeper level than they might in the classroom," said Burrows. "Being part of a team makes the science competition a lot more attractive and fun for many students than competing on an individual basis. Many people think of science as a solitary pursuit, but teamwork is more reflective of how most scientists actually work."

Burrows is a climate modeler whose research explores chemical modeling of marine biogeochemical influence on submicron sea spray particles.

Page 309 of 740

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