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February 2015

Ben Kravitz Quoted in The New York Times Op Talk

Dr. Ben Kravitz, atmospheric scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, was quoted in a February 20 New York Times Op Talk blog. Kravitz is known for his research on atmospheric particles, also known as aerosols, and the way they change how the Earth reflects or absorbs sunlight. The blog explored the idea that a purposeful injection of tiny particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth might also alter the night sky, blocking the view of stars. Kravitz stated that the whitening effect of aerosol injections "would be similar to the whiter sky that is often seen in large cities or areas with industrial pollution." Geoengineering is another term for "albedo modification," a theoretical method that could make the Earth more reflective to temporarily alleviate some of the climate warming effects of greenhouse gases. Read The New York Times blog.

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Page 307 of 740

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