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August 2014

Johannes Lercher and Chuck Peden Named Wiley Research Fellows

Johannes Lercher and Charles Peden
Johannes Lercher (top) and Chuck Peden, 2014 William R. Wiley Research Fellows

Congratulations to Dr. Johannes Lercher and Dr. Chuck Peden at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on being named Wiley Research Fellows in recognition of the role they will play in EMSL's Energy Materials & Processes Science Theme, and their proven record of generating outstanding science.

Lercher is the director of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Institute for Integrated Catalysis, a Battelle Fellow, and professor of chemistry at Technische Universität München, Germany.  He is internationally renowned for his work on the fundamental aspects of industrially relevant catalyzed reactions. His research includes low-temperature acid-base catalyzed activation, functionalization, and transformation of alkanes; the oxidation of light alkanes including methane; and the hydrodefunctionalization of heavy biogenic and fossil molecules.

Peden is a Laboratory Fellow at PNNL and associate director of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis. Peden has an international reputation for his research studies aimed at the development of structure/function relationships and reaction mechanisms of automobile exhaust catalytic reactions. His current research programs address numerous aspects of the physical and chemical properties of oxide-based catalytic materials, including zeolites for diesel vehicle emission control.

Wiley Research Fellows contribute to the success of EMSL as a user facility by supporting the user program beyond their own specific research projects. Examples of these contributions include participation on EMSL advisory committees and partner proposals for development of new capabilities, acting as a scientific consultant for users, advocacy for EMSL and its capabilities in the scientific community, and assistance and support of a broad range of EMSL user activities.

EMSL's research fellow program is named after Dr. William R. Wiley. The former director of PNNL, Wiley first conceived the idea of a Department of Energy Office of Science molecular sciences user facility and whose advocacy led to its creation.

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