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May 2005

New biological consortium featured in The Scientist

A new international biological consortium co-sponsored by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the RIKEN Genomic Science Center is featured in the April 25 issue of The Scientist. The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Consortium was formed in January to facilitate and coordinate international efforts for the continued understanding of RTK signaling pathways and its relationship to human pathologies.

Steven Wiley, Director of PNNL's Biomolecular Systems Initiative, is on the Consortium's executive committee, which includes scientists from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Israel. The Consortium is developing the framework necessary to understand RTK signaling networks central to major human pathologies and therapies. The first workshop of the Consortium will be held in June at the Northwest Symposium for Systems Biology at PNNL.

The RTK website was developed by PNNL staff Kavita Patel-Stenoien, Mary Ace, Marla Seguin, Cameron Bates, Tyler Borders, Stacy Berg, and Julie Gephart, and it will contain links to models and tools that will help disseminate information on RTK networks to the scientific community.

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