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Science Case for Large-scale Simulation

Breakout Sessions

Applications Breakout Sessions (June 24, 2003)
Mathematical Methods Breakout Sessions (June 25, 2003)
Computer Science and Infrastructure Breakout Sessions (June 25, 2003)


Session Topic
Session Leads
Accelerator Modeling Kwok Ko and Rob Ryne 
  • high energy density physics (EOS)
  • NNSA applications/weapons
  • Tony Mezzacappa and Bob Rosner
  • cellular biology
  • genomics
  • systems biology
  • Mike Colvin and George Michaels
    Chemistry Robert Harrison and Theresa Windus

    Climate/Earth Science

    John Drake, Phil Jones, and Bob Malone (offsite)
    Cumbustion John Bell and Larry Rahn
    Environmental Remediation/Processes
  • poros media
  • bio geochemistry
  • Mary Wheeler and Steve Yabusaki

    Materials Science

    Francois Gygi and Malcolm Stocks


    Peter Cummings and Lin-wang Wang
    Plasma Science
  • fusion
  • laser plasmas
  • strongly coupled plasmas
  • Steve Jardin and Bill Nevins
    QCD Bob Sugar


    Phil Colella and Paul Fischer

    Discrete Mathematics

    Bruce Hendrickson and Alex Pothen
    Solvers and "Fast" Algorithms
  • fast multipole, multi, etc.
  • computation in many dimensions
  • Van Henson and Juan Meza
    Meshing Methods
  • adaptive meshing
  • fronts
  • geometry
  • problem setup (e.g., cad to mesh)
  • Lori Freitag and David Serafini
    Multi-Physics Techniques Dana Knoll and John Shadid
    Multiscale Techniques
  • homogenization
  • hybrid codes
  • asymptotics
  • Tom Hughes and Mark Shephard
    Radiation Transport and Kinetic Methods Frank Graziani and Jim Morel
    Uncertainty Quantification (e.g., statistics) Jim Glimm and Sallie Keller-McNulty
    Architecture Bill Gropp and Jim Tomkins
    Access and Resource Sharing
  • grid computing/computaitonal grids and tools
  • middleware
  • wide are networking
  • portals and PSEs
  • Ian Foster (offsite)
  • data management
  • data analysis
  • Arie Shoshani
    Frameworks and Environments
  • components/CCA
  • parallel programming environments
  • languages
  • Rob Armstrong and Kathy Yelick
    Performance Tools and Evaluation David Bailey
    Software Management and Support
  • the life-cycle costs of software
  • creating and maintaining libraries
  • documentation
  • Steve Hammond and Rusty Lusk
    System Software
  • OS
  • compilers
  • Al Geist