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on-board diagnostics/prognostics

Continuously Running Diagnostics and Prognostics
Advanced logistics systems employing on-board diagnostics/prognostics capabilities will provide critical information needed for reduced sustainment costs and enhanced force readiness.

Objectives of REDI-PRO Project

REDI-PRO is an operational prototype engine health monitoring and prognostic system comprising a set of sensors mounted on the engine, a data acquisition system, and a computer to process the information. Development of REDI-PRO consisted of the following activities:

  • Research maintenance problems and identify high-value fault modes
  • Identify data and sensor input requirements associated with high-value faults
  • Identify existing (deployed) sensors and requirements for additional sensors
  • Design and develop data acquisition hardware
  • Design and fabricate wiring harness and incorporate sensors
  • Design and implement analysis software (rule-based, model-based, and neural networks)
  • Demonstrate proof-of-concept
  • Recommend technology transfer options and strategies.

Application of advanced technology to provide continuous onboard diagnostics and prognostics eliminates the need for bulky test equipment, helps maintain readiness of the force, and reduces equipment down time.