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Outputs & Offline Displays

Onboard embedded diagnostics/prognostics makes it possible to display and report operational readiness in real time. In addition, this makes it possible to plan for predicted repairs. While minimal onboard displays (if any) would be provided, more detailed diagnostic/prognostic analyses and displays could be used by mechanics in the field or at depots. The following displays are among those that have been developed as part of REDI-PRO offline analyses.

operational readiness display

Prognostics trend lines may be displayed for each of the faults being tracked. The prediction of remaining life based on each fault is determined by where the trend line (and its confidence interval bands) intersect the red fault threshold. The overall engine health (displayed as green = OK, yellow = CAUTION, orange=PREDICTED FAULT or red = FAULT) is decided based on the worst-case observed across all the engine conditions monitored.

faults being tracked

The display shown below is the Event Log, which is similar to a 'flight data recorder' and shows time-stamped diagnostic/prognostic results both in coded form and in text.

Event Log

The display below shows raw sensor data stream for selected sensors.

raw sensor data stream