Technology Field Validation: Mesa (part of Google)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are recruiting host sites to test performance of Mesa, a building automation technology for small/medium buildings without Building Automation Systems (BAS). 


BAS can help facility managers and building owners streamline operations, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions. However, only 13% of small and medium commercial buildings (<50k sq.ft.) have a BAS (CBECS 2018). High installation and maintenance costs coupled with the complexity of current product offerings have hampered the adoption of these new technologies.  

Mesa by Google
Image courtesy of Mesa (part of Google)

Technology under study 

Mesa, part of Google, is designed for older, smaller commercial buildings. Mesa automates building controls with its powerful AI technology and a suite of smart devices to provide real estate owners and tenants cost savings and comfort. Mesa’s online dashboard allows digital control of HVAC and appliances and enables real-time insights of building data from anywhere.

Mesa by Google logo
Image courtesy of Mesa (part of Google)
mesa dashboard 2
Image courtesy of Mesa (part of Google)
mesa dashboard
Image courtesy of Mesa (part of Google)

Become a Host Site

PNNL is evaluating the Mesa technology for the DOE. The project is seeking office, school, and retail buildings to deploy and test the performance of the Mesa system.

Benefits to Participation:

  • Up to 20% in energy savings, independently verified 
  • Free measurement and verification from PNNL/DOE 
  • Low-cost technology with pilot discount 
  • Estimated 2-year payback 
  • Installation complete in 1 day 
  • No disruptions to building operations 

Desired Building Characteristics: 

  • Office, school, and retail buildings
  • No building automation system (BAS)
  • Uses forced air HVAC system (natural gas or electric)
  • Equipped with 24V thermostats
  • Existing meter dedicated to pilot space 

Questions? Interested in becoming a host site? Contact us through our form! 

For more information, see the recording of the Better Buildings pilot program webinar